"I’ve seen much worse. But then I do post-mortems."


stop unfollowing me i have been nothing but gorgeous and hilarious to u all


How dare you throw away the beautiful gifts you were born with?


I’m sorry your engagement’s over, Molly - Although I’m fairly grateful for the lack of a ring








that’s how you make armor for women, no bullshit boob cups.

Just beautiful.


Boob cups must be the most uncomfortable things on earth… What the hell are you supposed to do when one of your boobs slips out? Let’s say you inhale or move your chest somehow so your breasts get free from the cup and end up clipped on the edge?? You can’t even pull them like you can when your bra gets all screwed up! Like who wants to wear that while they’re fighting monsters and shit?

I hit reblog so hard I may have sprained my finger

boob cups could also kill you. If you fall on your chest, all your weight will be on the middle of the boob cups and your sternum could be crushed. bye bye heart.

and the fact that this is the Mulan from “Once Upon a Time” makes it even better


the internet summed up in one gif set

Don’t promise when you’re happy,
Don’t reply when you’re angry and
Don’t decide when you’re sad.
anon (via invhale )

bad twitter jokes already Ackles…


do vampires just use their teeth to make a puncture wound and then suck, or are their fangs like a straw

i havent slept in three days


occasionally people i would date in a heartbeat if they suggested it like more than one of my pictures in a row and i’m kinda like

ah yes hello look at the me i am here do you like what you are seeing you could have the real thing if you wanted i would not mind

On set Martin [Freeman] kept saying, ‘Oh yeah, you went to fucking Hogwarts, didn’t you?’.
Benedict Cumberbatch, talking about his boarding school education. (via capngeech)


what are you waiting for benedict